Childhood History Journal (Dusty Rose)


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Promptly Journals

Cover material: Linen

The only baby book you'll ever need.

Our Complete Childhood history is the ultimate keepsake for any parent-the prompted journal that captures every meaningful moment of your child's life.

From the moment you find out you?re pregnant to your child's 18th year, this journal guides you through the journey with tailored prompts for each phase and year of your child's life.

The modern design and durable cover make it a stylish addition to any bookshelf, while the prompts make it easy for busy parents to document their child's growth and development in as little as one hour per year.

Never forget a milestone or precious memory again, and create a lasting legacy for your child.

  • SAVES TIME - Only takes one hour per year to keep updated.
  • SAVES MONEY - From pregnancy-18 years, you only need one book per child.
  • PROMPTED ENTRIES - Our thoughtful prompts help you easily write the most important memories.
  • STRESS RELIEVER - The practice of journaling lowers your heart rate and boosts your mood.