Dream Garden Camellia Sheet Mask


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Perfect for dry or combination skin, this mask will support the skin?s barrier, nourish the skin, quench any dry or dehydrated skin and firm the skin to prevent any premature lines and wrinkles.

Infused with Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, this ingredient will provide your skin with deep hydration and boost the strength of your skin?s barrier for healthy, velvety-smooth skin!

This mask is made of a soft microfiber material that feels like silk and will conform to the shape of the face to soothe and nourish the skin!

Key Ingredients
Camellia Japonica (Camellia) Seed Oil- A nourishing ingredient rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to moisturize and strengthen the skin.

How to enjoy
  1. Cleanse your face.
  2. Apply the mask onto your face.
  3. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and let your skin soak in all the nutrients.
  4. Remove the mask and pat in the remaining essence left on your skin.