gentlepak® Hot & Cold Perineal Paks


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This washable terry cloth Hot & Cold Perineal Pack is a Mama's recovery dream! It is designed to rest on your perineum- The padded smooth skin cooling pad is soft and has the convenience of a washable, quick-dry & wick-away fabric, helping to keep your sore and tender areas cushioned and supported. It is also discreet, flexible, reusable and will provide long-lasting cold—over 10% longer than other leading brands. Time for a sigh of relief, Mama!

It is made by women for women, so they get it! Vaginal Pain is no joke. You need relief. You need this! It is so soothing for "down there".

Why We Love It
  • Made with all-natural and non-toxic materials.
  • Contoured and perfectly sized to fit in your underwear and stay in place during physical activity.
  • Freezes quickly and stays flexible while frozen.
  • Comes with washable, reusable, super-soft sleeves.
  • Perfect for recovery post surgery especially after a C-section, the Incision sites can be painful and itchy. This cold pack provides soothing comfort to ease the ache and itchiness.

Bonus Uses
This pack is not just for postpartum mamas. It’s perfect for all perineal aches and pains, including hemorrhoids, injuries, pelvic discomfort, yeast infections, post laser hair removal pain and waxing treatment.
  • It is great for treating wounds and safe to use on kids too. This Ice & Heat Packs are ready for anything!
  • Recommended by doctors, physical therapists, personal trainers, and athletes.

Pro tip: Apply witch hazel to the soft terry cover for even more healing and relief!