Maternity Belt


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Jill & Joey

A Pregnancy Must - have!

As beautiful of an experience that being pregnant is, most expecting mothers get uncomfortable the larger their belly grows and it can put a lot of strain on the rest of your body. Providing proper belly support is crucial to reduce pregnancy pain and it can also lead to a better night's sleep. The Belly band is designed with the active mum in mind. It can be worn over or under your clothes, while being active, sitting or lying down. Many mothers report they loved wearing it while they continued running throughout their pregnancy.

One Adjustable Size, the belt goes up to 45 inches to support your belly as it grows. Putting it on and taking it off is made easy with velcro.

Breathable Made of the softest cotton so that your belly remains nice and cool. You'll forget you're wearing it!

  1. Wrap the belt around your belly while making sure the pad is centered and placed under your abdomen.
  2. Place the side without velcro on your back first. Next, tighten the belt to your liking by pulling the side with velcro, and sticking it on top of the other layer. Adjust as needed.
  3. To remove the belt, simply pull the side with velcro until it comes off.