1st Trimester Elevated Essentials Box


Congratulations, you’re pregnant mama! Not so exciting however is the rollercoaster of nausea and fatigue that usually comes with the first trimester. Luckily it usually gets better by week 14.

Morning sickness or more like all day sickness for some mamas is no fun. This box also known as the first trimester survival box contains the best relief products for pregnancy nausea in the market. It is designed to give the mum-to-be or yourself some much needed self-care.

It Is a perfect gift to celebrate the oven that is doing all the work baking that little Bun. Do you have a someone in your life who’s expecting? This is the perfect pregnancy gift box!

Items in the box includes:
  • Preggie Pop Drops - 12 Natural, Drug Free Lozenges to ease morning sickness.
  • Nausea relief bands - Acupressure bands for safe and effective treatment for nausea in pregnancy.
  • Cup of Sunshine Herbal Tea - This Freshly - ground, hand-blended tea of organic tulsi, ginger and peppercorn is basically liquid yoga.
  • 2 x Fake coffee herbal tea samples ( 2 Tea bags each) - It looks and feels like a cup of coffee, but it brews like a herbal chocolate tea dream come true.