Massage Roller Ball



Body Back Company

This handled massage roller ball can be used as a self massage tool to soothe aches and pains. It is great at relieving pregnancy aches and pains.

A popular tool of doula?s during labor, this massage ball gives your support partners hands a break while relieving your tense muscled between contractions. Strong enough to roll out muscle knots yet gentle enough to use on your head or neck.

Why We Love It
  • EASY TO USE & COMFORTABLE TO HANDLE - Designed with a silicone band for easy gripping, this roller ball fits firmly in the palm of your hand allowing you to easily glide it across any tight knot or burning cramp in reach. Also a great choice for your partner to use as an effective deep tissue back massager, neck massager, back pain relief device, and muscle roller.
  • ROLLER BALLS FOR ESSENTIAL OILS - This roller massager allows you to apply naturally soothing and healing essential oils to your manual massager. Simply apply your desired oil in the dispenser located at the bottom of the tool and clean with warm water when you are done. Keep it in your freezer for use as a cold ball massager too.
  • RELIEVE MUSCLE PAIN ALL BY YOURSELF - Soothe cramps from sore and tired muscles in your hands, legs, feet or shoulder in as little as 15 seconds. Shiatsu ball massagers aid in pain management by bringing much-needed blood flow directly to the areas you need it the most.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PAIN RELIEVER - The Body Back Roller Ball self massage tool is made from a premium quality resin ball housed in a durable ABS plastic body. Each weighs mere ounces and can conveniently fit in your pocket, purse, gym bag, backpack or wherever is most accessible.

*roller ball color may vary from pictured*