Pain-Free Childbirth: Every Woman's Blessing In Jesus


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Author – Nissa Andrews

The world teaches us that childbirth and labor pretty much sucks. It's going to be awful and extremely painful. Writhing in pain and begging for drugs is what friends, family, movies, and social media tell us. I heard it all and believed that was the way it's supposed to be. God tore down those lies and showed me the truth! I've birthed four babies naturally without pain and no tearing?four pregnancies without morning sickness and complications. I've had four wonderful postpartum experiences. The great news is that this same experience is available to every woman through Jesus. This book's purpose is to take you through my journey of breaking free from the world system of what birthing looks like and exchange it for the Kingdom, His righteousness, and what God intended for all women to experience. This book has scriptures that will open your eyes to blessings you may have never realized are yours to receive. Many people have said to me that I'm either lying or have a special superhuman gift. The truth is, I do have a special superhuman gift, and His name is Jesus! If you have Jesus, I am no different than you. We have the same supernatural abilities and anointing, for we have the same Anointed One in us.

About the Author
Nissa Andrews is a speaker and author with a big heart for pregnancy, childbirth, marriage, and building strong families. She and her husband founded the non-profit Revival Family to be a resource for helping families thrive; spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Nissa has been teaching Pain-Free Childbirth for over 15 years.