3rd Trimester Elevated Essentials Box


It’s the third trimester and the countdown is on! You are excited and anxious at the same time and you may start nesting to prepare yourself for the new arrival.

Mum – to – be might be feeling some aches and pains during this final stretch. It’s becoming harder to get comfortable enough to sleep well at night, and stretching skin feels dry and itchy.

Our Third trimester Elevated Essentials Box contains the best products to ease the aches and get your body, mind and spirit ready for birth.

Treat yourself Mama!

Items in the Box includes:
  • Labor Prep Tea - This third trimester tea helps prepare your mind and body for birth. Raspberry leaf can help tone and strengthen your uterine muscles for a more efficient labour. An invigorating blend of peace and berries will get you ready to take on the world, one birth at a time.
  • Magnesium Oil - Promotes better sleep, provides Calm, reduces anxiety and helps with restless legs.
  • Massage Roller Ball - One of our bestsellers! A popular tool of doula's during labour, thus massage ball gives support partners hands a break while relieving your tense muscled between contractions. *roller ball colour may vary from pictured